Glass panel Touch Switches

Glass Panel Switches.

Automate your  appliances like scheduleing  and remotely turn your devices ON and OFF.

The Glass Panel switches can be fitted into 2 module to 8 module electrical box. And can be customized to 1/2/3 gang switches with White/Black/Gold colors.


  • Supports Load upto 2,300 Watts at 230V.
  • Operating Range: 110V – 290V.
  • Can be operated via the Hivelinks app and Touch switches.
  • Can be operated by Voice commands via. Alexa and Google Home.
  • Supports Location Based Triggers.
  • Designed to handle frequent power outages.
  • Constantly evolves with Over The Air firmware updates.
  • In case of power fail the last state of the switch will be in the memory and once power is back  it turns the switch ON/OFF based on the privious state before power failure.
  • Hivelinks Electricians will install this module.

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